Red Silicone Hose

branding silicone hoseBranding Silicone Hose

Our Branding service is hugely popular with our regular wholesale and dropshipping customers. By branding we mean that we are able to supply the high quality Silicone Hose manufactured here at DPH with your own business name or logo. You are free to design your own artwork or we can help you, either way you will have great looking hoses branded with your company name, great if you are a retail outlet or online store holder.

How Much Does Branding Silicone Hose Cost?

Although Branding is hugely popular it is normally only cost effective for customers buying wholesale or dropshippers turning over large amounts of sales. There are number of up front costs involved including artwork, materials and printing costs. Typically these costs are in the region of £250 - £300 but considering this would print in the region of 20,000 transfers you seldom need to re-print.

Packaging And Displays

In addition to the branding option we can also offer custom packaging and display stands to compliment your range of Silicone Hose. Obviously there are some further setup costs involved in this but the benefits in increased sales is huge.

Packaging as with the branding options are designed to give you and your customers a personal service with the packaging including your business name and logo.

Find Out More About Silicone Hose Branding

If you have any questions or you would like further information on the costs involved with branding, please use our wholesale contact form or our contact us section.

We are always happy to help and answer any queries you might have.