Silicone Hose manufactured by Derby Performance Hose
Red Silicone Hose

Custom Built Silicone Hose

Custom Silicone HoseHere at Derby Performance Hose we are able to manufacure a huge range of silicone hose. We have the ability to build our exisiting tool set upto custom sizes, lengths and dimensions.

Using Existing Tooling

All Silicone Hose is manufactured using a tool(mandrel), tooling for new shapes or sizes can be expensive. However, depending on the hose you require we can often build one of our existing tools to fit your requirements. Send us details of the hose you require and we will see if we can match it

Tooling Especially

If it is the case that we are unable to modify our existing tool set to meet your requirements we may need to have a tool built specifically. The cost of a custom built tool can range from £40 - £300 depending on the shape and size. Contact us for more information on specific tooling and cusom build options.

siicone hose mandrel