Red Silicone Hose

OEM Silicone Hose

OEM Silicone HoseAt Derby Performance Hose we are able to reproduce original silicone hose parts.

The process involves using a copy of the original hoses or a CAD drawing to create a custom mandrel for the hose. Our toolmaker will re-create the hose exactly. Using the mandrel we then form the silicone hose based on this.

We are able to reproduce the majority of hoses we are shown from vintage automobile hose to modern day car kits. The service is very popular with trade customers and retailers looking at selling a reproduction or maybe hoses that are no longer available.


As the tooling is paid for by you, the tooling once complete will become your property. This way you will have fully exclusive rights to the hoses produced and we will not retail the hose ourselves.

Non Exclusivity

We also offer the option for customers to request a hose or kit to us. We may consider covering the cost of tooling ourselves if we feel there is a sufficient market for the hose in question. Obviously this option provides no exclusivity and allows us to market the hoses ourselves

If you would like to discuss either option further please contact us, we are always happy to advise.