Red Silicone Hose

Silicone Hose Technical Information

Silicone Hose Technical Information
Technical Information
Standard Colour:Blue
Hose Temperature Range:-50°C (-58°F) to 170°C (338°F)
Hose Max Working Pressure:3 Ply = 5 Bar (70 psi), 4 Ply = 8 Bar (112 psi)
Size Tolerance:+- 0.5mm
Standard Construction:Polyester Silicone

Silicone Hose Technical Notes

Note: Leg length is measured from the the center of the opposite leg.
Leg length as standard is 4" however 6" and 8" are also available.
Hoses are of standard polyester silicone which is sufficient reinforcement for most customers.
Hoses are not suitable for carrying fuel or oil

We are always happy to answer any questions regarding the construction of our hoses. Please contact us if you require more info.