Red Silicone Hose

Wholesale Silicone Hose

At DPH we offer a wide range of options for customers who wish to take advantage of great wholesale prices with excellent margins. Wholesale customers are an important part of our business and in turn we make sure that you are able to make the highest profit margins possible. In turn we also offer a great dropshipping package enabling you to sell high quality hoses without holding any stock.

Wholesale Silicone Hoses

We offer a very flexible wholesale package with great discounts on larger orders. We currently offer worldwide wholesale options regularly shipping to the United States and Europe. We always aim to despatch your wholesale orders as quickly as possible.

We offer a very flexible wholesale option which does not restrict you to large minimum order quantities enabling us to work with businesses both large and small. Also our great branding options enable you to not only sell great looking quality hoses but to sell them with your name on. See our branding section for more details.

It is quick and easy to setup a wholesale account with us, just fill out the wholesale form below and we can take it from there.

Wholesale Aluminium Silicone Hose Fittings

We accept wholesale orders for our quality Silicone Hose fittings. All silcone hose connectors are manufactured in high quality polished aluminium. Simply fill out the form below.

Dropshipping Silicone Hoses

Our dropshipping is fairly unique within the hose industry as most suppliers will only allow wholesale orders. At DPH we offer a great dropshipping solution allowing you to sell great quality Silicone Hoses without holding any stock.

Simply sell Silicone Hoses through your outlet or online store, send us the order and we will ship the hoses direct to your customer.

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