Red Silicone Hose
vintage look silcicone hose

Vintage Classic Silicone Hose

DPH Classic is our range of classic vintage looking Silicone Hose. DPH Classic offers all the benefits of Silicone Hose with an authentic vintage finish.

As with all hoses manufactured by Derby Performance Hose our vintage range is manufactured to the highest standards using the highest grade silicone rubbers.

All the benefits of Silicone Hose

classic silicone hoseDPH Classic hoses have a textured black finish giving an authentic historic look with all the performance benefits of Silicone Hose. DPH Classic hoses are not branded or marked to ensure that truely authentic feel. The DPH Classic range is very popular with customers restoring automobiles or customers who want a discreet Silicone Hose under the bonnet.

How to buy Classic Vintage Silicone Hose

All hoses list in our Silicone Hose Shop are available in our DPH Classic finish, to buy just select the hose in the store and choose Classic as your finish.